Lỗi a low level exception occurred in adobe player năm 2024

I'm having a recuring problem when I use Adobe Premiere Pro 2020, and I can't find out the reason. Sometimes I get an error "A Low Level Exception Occurred In Adobe Player: 56" and the program just blocks and I need to force to shut down. I already tried the solution for other errors that I found in the help center, but nothing works.

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By Cora | Follow |Last Updated August 20, 2023

“A low-level exception occurred” error may happen on Premiere Pro while importing MPEG files, using the Legacy titles, or playing media. How to fix this error to get your project back in Premiere? This post from MiniTool MovieMaker gives you 5 possible methods.

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Although Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful and professional video editing application, some issues may arise while using it. In this post, we’ll focus on the “a low-level exception occurred” issue in Premiere Pro. You can try out the following 5 ways to fix it.

Way 1: Reset Preferences

A simple fix for “a low-level exception occurred” in Premiere Pro is to reset preferences in this application.

First of all, you should close your project and then exit Premiere. Then, double-click on the Premiere desktop icon to open it, and simultaneously press the Shift + Alt keys on Windows or Shift + Option keys on Mac. A pop-up window appears and asks “Are you sure you want to reset your preferences?” Click OK to go back to the default settings in Premiere Pro.

Way 2: Change the Render Setting

“A low-level exception occurred” error might happen while using legacy titles in Premiere Pro. To fix it, follow the steps below to try changing the render setting.

Step 1. Click File in the upper left corner, choose Project Settings from the drop-down list, and click on General.

Step 2. Under the Video Renderer and Playback section, set Render to Mercury Playback Engine Software Only.

Way 3: Clear Cache Files

If “a low-level exception occurred” error message appears while playing back the media, first, you should try deleting cache files to solve it.

To clear cache files in Premiere:

  • Click Edit in the upper left corner.
  • Choose Preference and select Media Cache.
  • Select Delete next to Remove Media Cache Files.
  • Choose Delete all media cache files and click OK.

After that, check if this error is solved. If not, follow the steps in way 2 to switch the Renderer to Mercury Playback Engine Software Only.

Way 4: Delete Preview Files

Another way to fix “a low-level exception occurred” in Premiere Pro is to delete your preview files. First, follow the steps to find where the preview file folder is stored on your computer.

In Premiere Pro, click File, then hover over Project Settings, choose Scratch Disks, and you’ll see the path of the preview file folder. Then, follow this path and delete these files.

Way 5: Update or Reinstall Premiere Pro

You can also install the latest version of Premiere Pro to fix “a low-level exception occurred” error. Updates can fix many bugs or glitches. Alternatively, you can uninstall Premiere and install it again on your computer.

Tip: A Premiere Pro Alternative for Beginners

If it’s not easy for you to create your first video with Adobe Premiere Pro, you can switch to an easy-to-use alternative – MiniTool MovieMaker, one of the best video editing apps for beginners, no experience or skills required.

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Lỗi a low level exception occurred in adobe player năm 2024

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Hopefully, these 5 methods can help you solve a low level exception occurred in Premiere so that you can smoothly play and edit media in Premiere Pro.

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Lỗi a low level exception occurred in adobe player năm 2024

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